September 05, 2015

Not that many pictures this time because I was pretty busy but I did have fun these last couple of weeks. By the way, you can always follow me on Instagram.

^ This is my favorite kind of morning. Reading a good book while eating greek yoghurt with fruit and muesli. | This picture was taken on Ostend Beach, I kind of always forget I have this tattoo.

I bought these pajama pants and immediately felt like reading Harry Potter. | Another picture taken at a party, at Spektrum. Love these colors!

My grandma has the cutest little kitten. | Pretty views in Ghent.

I moved into a tiny studio and had the best time decorating. (Almost everything is from Ikea.) | It's scarf weather!

My two best friends came to visit me at my studio and we had to test out my fisheye lens. | And the last party of the past weeks, a fairytale themed one. My friends were Tinkerbell and Hippienokio and I was Puss in Boots.

I didn't post this on instagram but this was my outfit and make-up by the way!


  1. IK WIL DIE PIJAMABROEK OOK EN KVIND ZE NERGENS MEER :'( en gij zijt echt een schoon meiske jong! :D

  2. Hahaha, hetzelfde als Ines! We hadden ze gewoon ineens moeten kopen in Gent hé, dju toch. Wat een lief poesje, zo zot dat dat ros/grijs exact in het midden van zijn gezicht verschilt. En wat ben jij een mooie puss in boots!

  3. Ah dat poesje is zo lief, die scheiding in het midden van haar gezichtje is mooi! x


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